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This Resales page is David's solution for collectors who are faced with the dilemma with what to do with the Bass paintings they want to sell. Please go to the Get In Touch form on the Contact page and let David know you would like to use the service. Upon hearing from you, he will contact you with what you need to do to put your piece on the Resales page.


Artist Studio 11, 1981

Oil on Cotton Canvas

29 x 26 Inches Unframed, 29.5 x 26.5 Framed



This work created in the winter of 1981 in Greensboro, NC, reveals an interior of the log cabin where David once resided. The painting was purchased originally in the spring of 1982 from a private exhibition held in the cabin. It is in excellent, unvarnished condition and retains its original frame. This interior painting is rare to the secondary market and comes from a significant series of coveted log cabin interiors and still lives from the early 1980's.

Please contact David for purchase.


Moroccan Market 5- Taroudant, 1986-1987

Oil on Canvas

50 x 38 Inches Unframed, 52 x 40 Inches Framed


This painting, created in the Greensboro NC studio, reveals a typical street in the souks of Taroudant, Morocco. It was painted from memory and source materials made on site in the fall of 1986. The canvas is one of several David painted in which he focused on the light situation created by the striations of flickering light as it penetrated the lattice of palm logs and bamboo overhead.

It was exhibited in Morocco Paintings; 1986-1988, Center for Creative Leadership, Greensboro, NC, September, 1988; Morocco Paintings: 1989-1991, Log Cabin Gallery (Private Showing), Greensboro, NC, March, 1991; Experiences in Morocco: Lived and Recollected, 1988-1995, Santa Fe Contemporary Art, Santa Fe, NM, July-August, 1995.

The painting was purchased from David by a private collector in 1995. It remained in that collection until being deaccessed due to the collector moving to a smaller home.

It is in excellent, unvarnished condition and retains its original frame. The street scene is one of a series made in 1985-1986, one of which is in the collection of the Weatherspoon Art Museum in Greensboro, NC.


Please contact David for purchase.


Graham Farm Near Wilmington 49, 1982


Oil on Cotton

16.5 x 25 Inches


Purchased directly from David in 1982, this painting was never exhibited. It remained in this Greensboro, NC collection until the collector passed away. It now resides in the collector's estate, awaiting resale.

Private Collection, Wilmington, NC

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