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David Loren Bass paints from nature, but as he says, his paintings do not merely replicate what he sees. His scenes of the mountains and deserts of Texas and New Mexico, the rolling hills of Northern California, or colorful villages in Mexico and Central Mexico are real places, but places that have been shaped by David’s talent as an artist and his keen imagination. His paintings in a sense distill the essence of a particular place and capture not only the look of the landscape but also its feel.

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David's career spans four decades beginning in 1975 and continues today with new paintings annually.  He has created over 6,000 pieces of art consisting mostly of paintings in oil and watercolor.  His complete oeuvre also includes monotypes, lithographs, graphite drawings, and oil pastel paintings.


As you peruse the website, you will discover how his art is autobiographical and reveals how he is experiencing life through the medium of paint much like a writer does with words.  He uses the paint with its myriad and unique aspects to convey a lived experience of wherever he goes and lives.

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